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Before I met Dr. Talwar I did not smile at all. I felt bad about my appearance, my teeth were worn down. I lost all of my confidence and my self esteem.I started the process 4-5 years ago and today I feel great. It changed my life. I can smile with confidence. My children love my new smile. I can eat better. My confidence and self esteem is back. I feel great! – Evelyn 



It was embarrassing for me to smile. I was not confident in dealing with people, always conscious of people looking at my mouth. I felt like people were staring at my missing teeth.Now I’m happy just looking in the mirror. I feel more loving; I want to hug everybody. I feel so appreciative about what I have now. I’m grateful to Dr. Talwar for the smile I have now! – Minda


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I was more than a little wary about going to the dentist. My fear of dentists kept me away from making an appointment until the condition of my teeth was in terrible shape. It affected my whole life as I was too embarrassed to smile.My dental work has been extensive but I have been taken care of by the best and always with respect. I recommend Esthetique Dentistry to everyone. You will not be disappointed. Best of all for me is that I am now smiling and more confident. – Julia 


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My teeth were in bad shape before I met Dr. Talwar. I was very uncomfortable and self conscious. I was embarrassed that people would notice my smile when I would talk. I had poor self-esteem. I never realized how much it affected my life.Dr. Talwar gave me the opportunity to fix my smile. Even though it felt like a long process, it has been handled and planned out where I always felt I was making progress. I don’t think twice about smiling now. I feel more confident in myself at work. It is amazing how much of a difference it made in how I see myself.- Robin 

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